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Termite Control


Termite Control

By Authorized Exterra Operator “Bug People”, Bangkok Thailand

Many people have wondered if they encounter a termite control problem or have white ants swarming their property, whether it is appropriate and cost effective to hire termite control to get rid of such problems. They might have heard stories of how termite control has not been effective or successful in treating and stopping the termite damage, resulting from these little insect. These stories would have come mainly from friends and relatives, and who can blame them for believing their words since rarely do we feel that they will lie to us, and the stories also come from a source which is experiencing the same problems with termite or white ants.


One of the questions that come up will be whether we can handle the pest problem ourselves or are professional Termite control operators the better people for the job. Obviously, these certified termite control operators would have had some form of professional training in dealing with the termite damage and finding the colonies which are creating so much havoc for home owners. The issue here is that how much does it really take to know or learn this ourselves? Can we sufficiently and adequately learn how to locate termite and their nests? And if found, do we know what to do to destroy these nests?


Now then you will see that professional Termite control operators should have the necessary knowledge, work experiences, tools and equipment to deal with termites . Action steps to protect your home from termite problem are pre-construction and post-construction treatments. Well-plan regarding termite management and control can protect your home from termite symptom can be at like more than 95% satisfaction guaranteed.


Pre-construction Treatment:

Soil Treatment with chemical injection into the soil to create chemical barrier to prevent termites from underground. Some chemical can last in soil in couple years. But tip is to select the chemical that is for preventing not for killing termites.


Post-construction Approach:

The most effective method of today is to use Termite Interception Zone and Bait system to detect termite activities and to eliminate their colony. So, the problem is eliminated in long term until the new reproductive termites set new colony during the natural breeding season within a year.


Let's talk about the most reliable and world's most effective termite bait system branded “ Exterra “. The system is not only effective in term of eliminating subterranean termite colony, but also the system enables to kill many garden termites. That is the reason why Exterra can be used in many countries around the world.


The system requires only certified Exterra Manager for system installation and implementation. Once, we have best termite exterminating system in place, the proper working step needed to be done as follows:

Step 1: To conduct site inspection to identify status of property, whether it is active or inactive case. Pinpoint all high-risk areas and all damaged areas. Run inspection both inside and outside areas to find termite activities.

Step 2: Set up Client profile and history record. To record what found after inspection. Identify where we find current termite activities or only mud trail without active termites, cracks. Note if there is any garden termites found.

Step 3: Implement system installation and monitoring. During service period, to monitor the house and station. Once termite activity is found, start on baiting til termite colony is totally eliminated.

Step 4: Evaluation and Improvement. Back to monitoring process.


No more poison chemical spray, No drilling required, odorless, and environmental safety.

welcome to bug-people

welcome to bug-people

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